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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

What is Hope?

Last time you saw us, we talked about habits with Captain Tammie Jo Shults. Today, she (and her dog) are here to talk about something else: hope. As Captain Shults puts it, hope is “uniquely human.” It’s something that doesn’t come from the outside world, but our own hearts and minds. Hope is more than a positive feeling about what’s to come. Hope has been found to effect our sense of control over our life, our problem solving is better and we tend to have better self esteem when we have hope. And, according to Tammie Jo, it can change much more than your current world—having hope can change who you are as a person, and who you are going to become.

Where Does Hope Come From?

Hope is a feeling, just like happiness or sadness. Everybody experiences these emotions differently, and for different reasons. However, certain things tend to make others feel hopeful more often. For example, many people feel hopeful after seeing budding flowers at the end of a long winter. Others might feel hopeful from receiving a compliment about a project they care about.

A few years ago, Captain Shults faced a scary emergency while piloting a flight. With the help of some impressive brainstorming and teamwork, Tammie Jo and her flight crew came up with a plan. As soon as she knew the plan, Captain Shults informed her passengers. This was reassuring for passengers to hear and gave them hope, even during a terrifying experience.

Can I Spread Hope?

Yes, you can! As Tammie Jo told us, looking for ways to give other people hope will feel great. Plus, it’s easier than you might think. Anybody can give others hope by being thoughtful, mindful, and kind. At school, pay attention to the other kids around you. As Captain Shults suggests, hope can come from something as simple as inviting someone who looks lonely to eat lunch with you, or sticking up for a kid being picked on. If you see one of your classmates working hard on something (like an art project,) you can give them hope by showing interest in it and saying what you like about it.

Let’s think about hope! Take the quiz to earn your points!



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