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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Habits: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

In this exciting series, Captain Tammie Jo Shults discusses three of her favorite “H” words: habits, hope, and heroes! Today, we will talk about habits. The good news? We have this generous gift of choosing our habits!

Habits are a “neutral” term, meaning there are good ones, bad ones, and even ugly ones! For instance, hygiene practices like bathing and brushing teeth are “good” habits, since they keep us healthy and clean. A “bad” habit might be if you regularly forget to remove your muddy shoes before walking on the rug at home.

As Tammie Jo explains, habits feel like an instinct after some time. That’s why the “bad” ones can be so hard to break…and why “good” ones can help move you through life!

How Habits Influence Our Lives

Everybody in the world can choose how to start their day. The way that you spend your morning can have a big impact! This is why it’s good to deliberately choose morning habits. Tammie Jo’s niece Kimberly always gets up and brushes her teeth when she wakes up. Now, it’s second nature for her! For Tammie Jo, an ideal morning starts out with some brain fuel: she’s created a habit of reading and listening to music before beginning her day. You can make your own days better by creating morning habits, too!

Developing Good Habits

Mornings are the foundation of your day…but they’re just the beginning. People have habits that appear throughout their days and show up in their schoolwork or job. Some happen automatically, but lots of folks purposely develop certain habits to improve their lives. Tammie Jo worked hard to develop certain habits so she could be a great pilot.

According to Captain Shults, habits are formed through repetition. So, if you want to remember to brush your teeth every morning, try setting an alarm every day for a month! Eventually, that morning brush will feel natural. Repetition works for any habit, like saying “please.” You can also use “good” habits to replace “bad” ones. So, if you want to stop biting your nails and drink more water, you can drink up every time you want to chow down.

Tammie Jo has a challenge for you: can you earn your points?



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